Jerry Jones Prefers His Whataburger This One Way

Jerry Jones may be an incredibly rich man, but his food preferences are rather accessible. According to Eater, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is no stranger to fast food, especially when it's time to start the day. In fact, the HBO sports series "Hard Knocks" recently showed him eating a rather simple breakfast: a sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle. Oh, and he also got himself some black coffee with Sweet-N-Low. 

Here's where things get super interesting: Jones likes to make sure that his McGriddle is really salty. He liberally adds salt to his sandwich before eating it, even though it already has 56% of your recommended daily sodium intake, per the McDonald's website. The billionaire also loves eating Tex-Mex dishes and is known to frequent Mia's Tex-Mex Restaurant in Dallas (via Fox). 

It must be said: Jones has oddly specific preferences in terms of food. According to Chron, he only eats his Whataburger a certain way and is pretty strict about it.

Jones loves his Whataburger

Jerry Jones is fairly unapologetic about his food choices in public. As per Chron, when he was questioned about using so much salt on his McGriddle in an interview, he simply said, "They put that salt shaker on tables for a reason." Well, he has a point there.

He also said that he's a huge fan of the southern chain Whataburger. An assistant said on an episode of "Hard Knocks" that they easily go to a Whataburger outlet at least five times a week to pick up something for the boss. Jones added, "I like Whataburger untouched. I don't care if it's been sitting there for an hour and a half, I'd rather have it that way than warmed up." He said that he just prefers it that way — well, specifically he said "I like the original flavor when it's coming out the sack." Whatever floats your boat, Jerry.