The Alleged Chicken Claw Incident That Made This Customer Shame Subway

We all have our reasons for wanting to stay away from a certain restaurant or chain. Sometimes it has to do with bad service, and other times we were put off by the food. Lauren Eastwood says a recent meal at Subway could well have been her last. That's when she and her nephew stopped by the mall to pick up a bite at a branch in England's South Yorkshire district, and they discovered what they said was "a hard object in a meatball sub." 

Eastwood took to Facebook to complain about the finding, saying, "Not my usual post, but [I] feel Subway need shaming for this!! ... After contacting Subway customer services and not getting anywhere with my complaint I've taken to Facebook to name and shame them. Here's what was in my meatball Mariana [sub] ... A CHICKEN'S CLAW, not what you expect to find in a BEEF MEATBALL [sub]. Avoid Subway unless you want stuff like this in your sandwich. Absolutely Grosssss FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!" 

Subway called the claw occurrence an "isolated incident"

While Eastwood didn't appear to get too much sympathy from the Facebook users who responded to her post (many chose to simply tag friends, while a few others tried to make light of the situation), Eastwood's similar post on Twitter did catch Subway's attention at least. On that platform, the company replied to her post, saying "That doesn't sound right, please feel free to send us a DM so that we may better understand your experience."

Subway isn't the only food service company whose customers have had some cause to complain. The internet is full of stories involving strange items, both organic and inorganic, that have been found in both prepackaged and freshly prepared food items. Not all of the complaints were addressed, because as Woman's Day reports, some food companies have chosen to settle with the customers, but others did not.

A spokesperson for Subway has since made a statement to LAD Bible, noting, "The health and safety of our guests is of paramount importance to Subway and we have multiple diligent processes in place to ensure that our guests are served with only the safest products possible. We understand that the franchisee has taken action to rectify this isolated incident."