Why You Can't Find Your Favorite Aldi Product On Instacart, According To Reddit

Aldi is a popular grocery store because it offers a variety of great products at very reasonable prices. In fact, many shoppers prefer Aldi to other chains because they love the great deals and special finds they can only get here. However, some shoppers have found there to be a big discrepancy between the items offered in Aldi stores and the ones that are able to be purchased online through Instacart

While, in theory, the online delivery service should offer the same items that one could find in store, many shoppers have found that not to be the case. Some customers have recently taken to social media to voice their disappointment over the fact that the same deals and offerings they love are not available for those who order online.

"I SWEAR I'm shopping at a different store than what everyone posts about. My Local Aldi has LITERALLY NONE of the amazing products you all share," @journey4evr posted on Reddit. "I read a post...go to INSTACART to check the availability and it never comes up in search." They then asked other Reddit users for "any suggestions [on] how to get my Aldi to begin carrying these amazing things... Employees, maybe you have insight that others wouldn't ... so please chime in. Help!!!!"

Here's why Instacart doesn't always carry the full stock of Aldi products

Other Aldi shoppers quickly chimed in with their helpful insights as to why some items seem near impossible to find on Instacart — the general consensus is that the online shopping portal doesn't always carry all of the same items as the physical stores. "Your Aldi probably does carry those things — but Instacart decides what they'll offer and the popularity of some of these items makes it almost impossible for anyone to guarantee that you'll be able to order them any later than a couple of hours after they go on sale," @rodneyfan explained

Additionally, what is available on Instacart is also influenced by the availability of the stock at the local store, and not every single store will necessarily carry every product.

Seasonal items and special finds tend to be particularly hard to find on Instacart, because of their limited availability. Some popular items may also sell out before they can even make it to the online service. "Instacart almost never has the special buys, but you can put in a special request for it and see if the buyer can find it," user @alittlebluegosling suggested. 

So while Instacart may be a great option for quick and convenient delivery, it is not always the best choice if you are looking for something specific at Aldi. If you have your heart set on a particular specialty item, it is probably best to look for it in store.