TikTok Is Unimpressed By Waiter Carrying 130 Lbs Worth Of Dishes

"He's carrying over 130 pounds worth of dinners," TikTok user InTheKnow wrote in the caption of a video of a waiter doing precisely what was described — and with astounding grace. And that is how it began: Just another day on TikTok as a social media user posted a clip, which likely intended to engender a specific set of feelings in viewers and ultimately go viral. And, as most days that begin that way on TikTok, which, come to think of it, are most days in general, things did not go as planned for said TikTok-er. 

Rather than gazing in awe at the waiter's strength, poise, fearlessness, and super-human efficiency at being able to make it from kitchen to dining room while balancing all those plates, some of which may have been hot and/or gooey, TikTok was thoroughly unimpressed. And, while you may initially think you'd agree with the masses, you may find yourself thinking they just might have a point.

TikTok users voiced concerns for the food and guests of the venue

The InTheKnow account on TikTok has a reputation for sharing feel-good videos and has over 836,000 followers. If that weren't so impressive, we might feel badly about the presumably unexpected reaction their online audience had to the waiter carrying 130 pounds of plated food from the kitchen to the dining room of an unnamed restaurant. At first glance, this may appear to be an incredible, awe-inspiring feat. But here is the 130-pound question: Can you, and do you really want to, put aside the fact that this guy is carrying food to numerous people who are, in all likelihood, expecting their food to arrive neatly plated? 

As it turns out, many of the over 272,000 comments were negative. As one wrote almost immediately after the video was posted, "Because that's what I want. My dinner squashed between two plates." But if only "neat plating" was the only thing at stake. Diners should also be able to expect to their food to arrive untouched by other food (certainly, people with nut allergies would be concerned) or, for that matter, the skin of the server. "What restaurant is this? So I can never go," another person shared.