Sunny Anderson Blows Minds On Instagram With This Subtle Cheeseburger Hack

Everyone seems to have their own game-changing trick to making the best burger around. Whether it is the blend of meat for the burger itself, how the patty is shaped or simply toasting the hamburger buns, there's always a "trick" to make hamburgers better. But for those that believe cheeseburgers are the only way to go, "The Kitchen" star Sunny Anderson truly does have a hack that is so simple yet effective for making a better burger.

The Food Network television host reposted a photo to her Instagram account to share how her spin on cheeseburgers makes them better. Anderson shared the photo, which featured a loaded cheeseburger with the cheese between the bottom bun and the patty. Within a day, the mind-blowing cheeseburger had already garnered more than 4,200 likes. Apart from the attention-grabbing toppings the burger had stacked high, the super simple rearrangement of ingredients actually serves to "protect tha bun" as Anderson wrote and people are loving the idea.

This is why the cheese should go on the bottom

Anderson's full caption read, "LOOK WHAT @cptnron302 did to my Spicy Green Goddess Burger JUICY GOODNESS N SUCH PUT THAT CHEESE ON THE BOTTOM...PROTECT THA BUN #CRUNCHIFY THAT BAD MAMMAJAMMA! THAT GLAZE'S SHIMMER IS SHIMMERIN'AVOCADO MAFIA ON THE CHECK IN I'M JUST HERE FOR THE COMMENTS. CAPTAIN RON, SLOW CLAP." People were quick to respond with their praise for the scrumptious-looking burger. Even Cat Cora chimed in writing, "mmmm."

The original burger maker that Anderson reposted, @cptnron302, wrote back, "Thanks so much for the IG Sunny. This burger was a serious hit in our house! Keep the inspiration coming!" Other fans were simply impressed by the burger. One wrote, "the chips and guacamole omg." Another said, "Never thought of cheese on the bottom to make the bun less soggy." Anderson is all for placing the cheese on the bottom because it prevents any juices from the burger seeping into the bottom bun and making it soggy. However, some would say you should flip burgers over to eat them, so the thicker top bun can catch any juices since it is so thick to begin with. Either way, both tactics are worth a try.