What Panda Express Employees Think You Should Know Before Applying

Starting any new job is always stressful. From not knowing anyone else at work, to wondering what your boss will be like, there are always unknowns that just about everyone worries about before starting a new position. But many newly hired employees at Panda Express have a very unique fear about their first few days on the job — some worry if they are physically strong enough to hack it, especially those who are employed in the back of the house. While we all know that food service is hard work, some Panda Express employees weren't quite prepared for just how physically demanding some of their required tasks would be, such as preparing food items like chow mein and fried rice.

"Kitchen help is like arm day every day," one user advised on a Reddit post that one anxious new hire at Panda Express had made, asking what they should expect on their first day. "I didn't think I was weak until I had to mix the noodles," another new Panda Express employee posted to Reddit, saying that the activity "turned my arms to jello in seconds" and asked, "Will I get use to it or should I start working out to get stronger?"

Working at Panda Express can be very physically demanding

More experienced Panda Express employees were quick to assure new staff that they were not alone, and the back of house work was difficult for everyone at first. "It takes a few weeks to get used to it. you don't really need to workout because i've seen bigger dudes struggle with it too," assured one user. "You'll get used to it. Work strength is going to be different level then weight lifting," another Redditor agreed, while another employee offered warm words of encouragement, cheering, "Don't worry, you'll get the workout from work itself. I'm a 120 lb girl and I've gotten used to it!! You can too!! Believe in you!" Another joked, "You don't need a gym at Panda, Panda is your gym, especially if you're BOH."

Others even chimed in offering helpful tips to make the food preparation a little easier, such as heating the wok up first, allowing the juice from the veggies to moisten the noodles, keeping their elbows down while stirring to help reduce injury, and making sure to take breaks to give their arms a rest. So, while working at Panda Express can certainly be difficult and exhausting, it seems that it does get easier with time, practice, and experience. But new employees should definitely be prepared to perform some pretty strenuous tasks once they start the job.