Andrew Zimmern Strongly Agrees That He Looks Like This Person

If there's one thing that celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern is good at (other than cooking, of course), it's engaging with his fans online and interacting with them on a regular basis. As illustrated by Bon Appétit, Zimmern is someone who's pretty active on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He said that it's usually him posting updates online instead of a PR team. Also, he finds social media super useful in terms of keeping himself informed about what's happening around him. 

Plus, he told Bon Appétit that, while many of his fans are Americans, he also gets feedback from followers in other places. "I treasure those comments more than anything. I pay a lot of attention to tweets from the Philippines or Italy or Santiago, Chile. I'm fascinated by how people are living their lives in other parts of the world," he said. Also, he reckons that it's a give and take relationship in the sense that the more you invest in social media, the more you will receive. Well, Zimmern is staying true to his word. When fans recently pointed out on Twitter that Zimmern looks like a certain sports personality, the chef was quick to respond.

Andrew Zimmern described the resemblance as 'uncanny times 5'

So, it all started with a tweet that praised football coach and offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks, Joe Moorhead. Someone was so taken aback by this photo that they immediately wrote, "Am I the only one that thinks he looks like @andrewzimmern?" A different Twitter user could not help but agree that they do look similar. In fact, this user found the resemblance so uncanny, they even posted a spilt image of the two men to compare. Well, Zimmern noticed this conversation and jumped in with his own views on the entire discussion.

As it turns out, the celebrity chef thinks he looks like Joe Moorhead, too. He wrote, "That's uncanny times 5." Heh. If you think about it, they do look like each other. Maybe it's the facial hair? Or perhaps it's the fact that both of them have a similar facial structure. In any case, Zimmern was a total "sport" about the whole thing.