Why The Internet Is Poking Fun At Gordon Ramsay's Apple French Toast Recipe

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is someone who has ensured that people pay attention to him. Love him or hate him, it is impossible to ignore the chef. He's not just a well-known TV personality, he's also an accomplished chef who has lots of tips for those trying to create incredible dishes in their home kitchens.

For example, one handy trick from Gordon Ramsay is rolling lemons before juicing them for the best results (via Tasty). Ramsay also has a tip for preparing mashed potatoes. "The secret behind making a great mash for me personally...is keeping the skins on. The skins protect the potatoes, therefore it doesn't absorb all that water," he explained. 

Also, Ramsay often posts videos of himself cooking as he experiments with different dishes. Not every attempt works out for him, though. For example, his recent YouTube video that features apple French toast is entertaining viewers to a great extent.

Part of the process is definitely funny

In Ramsay's defense, the YouTube video does seem promising. "Gordon is back in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan cooking up a stacked French toast that is absolutely delicious," the description reads. For this recipe, the chef used scrumptious autumn apples as well as local berry jam prepared by monks. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, early in the cooking process, Ramsay seems to have added a lot of sugar despite saying that it's fine to stick to one tablespoon of sugar. Viewers noticed and couldn't hold themselves back from having a bit of fun. A comment read that Ramsay often suggests one tablespoon, but ends up pouring half a cup anyway. Meanwhile, a fan came up with a creative theory of their own. "Maybe Gordon only has a comically large spoon at home and it's his only way to measure required ingredients? We will never know," they wrote.