How Michael Cimarusti Really Feels About Gordon Ramsay - Exclusive

Michelin-starred chef and seafood expert Michael Cimarusti was a clear choice to join the season finale of "MasterChef" as a guest judge (via Michelin Guide). But this isn't the first time that Cimarusti has participated in one of Gordon Ramsay's television shows. Cimarusti recently sat down with Mashed to discuss the upcoming finale, and he explained just what a powerful impact Ramsay has had on the culinary industry and those just entering it.

"Spending time with Gordon is always inspirational," Cimarusti said. But even before Cimarusti got to know Ramsay professionally, he was a huge fan of the celebrity chef. "Obviously, I've followed him for years, and years, and years as a chef, but what he does outside of the kitchen, with shows like 'MasterChef,' I think it's as big as the contribution that he made in the kitchen," Cimarusti said. What viewers often don't get to see on television is Ramsay's support for contestants on his cooking shows.

Cimarusti thinks Ramsay is an amazing mentor and coach

According to Michael Cimarusti, Ramsay really wants to see the competing chefs succeed and grow to perform at a higher level. "He's an incredible mentor to those people, every one of them, and he pushes them to try and bring out the very best that they have within them, and I think that's something that maybe sometimes gets lost in the final product that's edited for TV, is just how good of a mentor and coach he actually is and how much he truly cares and invest in the contestant's success," Cimarusti said. Clearly, watching Ramsay help other chefs strive to be better has really made an impression on Cimarusti.

Since fans typically don't get to see this side of Ramsay, Cimarusti went on to explain that this lesser-known side of him is really genuine. "It's truly important to him, and that's evident every time I've done the show, whether it's 'MasterChef,' or 'Hell's Kitchen,' or what have you," Cimarusti said. "Every time I've done one of his shows, it's just very clear to me how much he values what these young people are doing and how invested he is in their success," he added. While fans have come to know Ramsay for his outbursts, it's refreshing to hear about Cimarusti's view of a more compassionate side of Ramsay.

Be sure to check out the season finale of "MasterChef" on September 15 on Fox. You can follow Michael Cimarusti on Instagram, and if you're in the Los Angeles area and want a fantastic seafood meal, be sure to stop by his restaurant Providence.