What Reddit Would Cook To Disappoint Gordon Ramsay

If you've never seen Gordon Ramsay roast home cooks' dishes online, you are in for a treat today. There is a whole "moments" page on Twitter dedicated to people who have tagged Gordon in posts highlighting meals they've made and asking him to weigh in, often with hilariously disappointed results. Chef Ramsay's highlights include responding to @TheSullis' request to rate his egg fry out of ten, with a simple "Painful" instead, and responding to @PharaohsRogue's inquiry for his judgment on her mom's dish with another brutal question, "Is your mom upset with you ? What do you call that?"

Despite the less-than-stellar responses which are par for the course with Ramsay, many continue to tag him in their dishes, and in fact, enjoy the responses. One Twitter user even noted, "Being put down by Gordon Ramsay is a compliment all by itself!" And Redditors seem to want in on some similar action, taking to the site to note what dishes they would serve to disappoint the celebrity chef.

Could they be any more gross?

A Reddit user who goes by the name of CourageKitten posed the scenario, "Gordon Ramsay shows up at your door and demands you cook him something. Assuming obtaining ingredients isn't an issue, what do you cook him?" And his fans did not disappoint. In less than 24 hours, the questions received 1,700 upticks and even more comments (approximately 1,800).

One thing is for sure, his fans know him well. One user, joggle1, suggested serving "Undercooked scallops so I can hear him say 'it's f***** raw' to my face.'" Another user, got very specific, noting they would make "Overcooked, unseasoned filet mignon served on a roof tile instead of a plate, doused in an incredibly overpowering sauce that I thought of in a dream," and continues to elaborate from there with great detail that would likely make Ramsay gag. Yet, the one thing readers of the thread can be thankful for is that it remains hypothetical, and hopefully they will never have to see any of these suggestions come to fruition.