The Creative Way One Aldi Shopper Used Leftover Apple Cider

With so many fall-flavored treats available as the cooler season approaches, it's easy to stockpile one too many pumpkin spiced or caramel apple items. From drinks and ice cream to donuts and even butternut squash mac-and-cheese bites, there are so many things to try. But just because you buy these items that are perfect for fall doesn't mean you'll always love them or be able to finish the entire container. That's the exact predicament one Aldi shopper found themselves in and naturally posted about it on Reddit.

The poster had picked up a 64-ounce bottle of Nature's Nectar Salted Caramel Apple Cider, which actually is a bargain at just $2.89 (via Instacart). While the bottle says it can be enjoyed both as a hot drink as well as cold beverage, the creative Redditor found an entirely new use for the leftover apple cider they had on hand. This Aldi fan decided to use it in their seasonal baking, with very impressive results.

They used the leftovers to make an apple cider donut loaf

The Redditor said that they used their leftover bottle of Nature's Nectar Salted Caramel Apple Cider to make an apple cider donut loaf. The poster wrote, "My son didn't like the cider so I needed a way to use it — and go figure, he liked the donut loaf." They even shared the recipe that was used to make the loaf, which came from Bon Appétit, so others could give it a try. Of course, followers of the post were excited to see this transformation and commented on the thread.

One person wrote, "Yum! Thank you for sharing." Another said, "Thanks for this!! I love the honey crisp apple cider and this bake looks 100." Yet another comment read, "Wow that looks amazing!" And it does look like a scrumptious treat. Topped with a sugar coating, the donut loaf looks tender and absolutely delicious. You might want to bookmark this recipe to use if you have leftover apple cider this fall because the result definitely looks worthwhile and is great for crisp fall mornings or even to bring to a fall-themed party.