Why Twitter Is Comparing ASAP Rocky's Met Gala Look To Cap'n Crunch

Fans of fashion all tuned in and logged on to social media to view and comment on the best and worst Met Gala looks on September 13 (via Vogue). The theme this year reflected the upcoming exhibition on September 18, "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion." While the many actors, athletes, and musicians in attendance portrayed their own interpretation of the theme, often sending a message to onlookers, one Met Gala look took an odd turn.

Rapper A$AP Rocky wore ERL and walked the stairway alongside singer and actress Rihanna, his girlfriend. While A$AP Rocky wore a cloak that appeared to look like a quilt, according to the Independent, the internet had a lot of thoughts on what his look actually appeared to be. According to India Today, some of the many trolling him on Twitter said he looked like the mobile game Candy Crush. One person wrote, "me on my way to get another grilled cheese in the kitchen downstairs at 03:00 a.m." Another person stated, "what is more American than Netflix and Chill?" But a comparison that overwhelmed Twitter was that of A$AP Rocky's look to Cap'n Crunch.

This is what people thought about the Cap'n Crunch look

To be more specific, the yellow, red, blue, green, and brown patchwork cloak was closer to Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries. Trade out the brown patches for purple, and it's a definite match. Many people on Twitter simply stated the obvious that he looked like he was wearing a Cap'n Crunch blanket — or one he got from his grandma. But others had far more scathing remarks.

Referring to a photo of A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, in her matte black look, one person tweeted, "They came as my late night bowl of captain crunch berries and the emptiness I feel right after I eat it." Someone else tweeted, "Captain Crunch, but make it fashion."

Yet, there really might not be anything more American than sugary cereal and snacks. Whether the quilted cloak was meant to be a take on the patchwork of peoples and cultures that make up America or the more widely accepted interpretation of a bowl of Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries, the Met Gala look certainly stood out.