Fans On Reddit Suspect Something's Up With Chick Fil A's Chicken Nuggets

Certain Chick-fil-A fans think something is afoot with the chain's chicken nuggets. Following a few social media postings about some Chick-fil-A locations being completely out of chicken nuggets, rumors have begun swirling that the reasons for the disappearing nuggets are not simply due to the popular product (Chick-fil-A's offering topped our list of best fast food chicken nuggets) being sold out because of high demand. While these out-of-stock nuggets may simply be the result of major supply shortages that have plagued just about every fast food chain in recent weeks, some Chick-fil-A employees have made claims that the nuggets are actually gone because they have been recalled by the company. None of these claims have been substantiated, and to date, Chick-fil-A has made no statements about recalling their chicken nuggets, so there is a good chance this is all just speculation, fueled by social media, frustration, and hunger for chicken. However, for the sake of being thorough, let's dive further into what is driving these online suspicions of a nugget recall.

Some Chick-fil-A customers have noticed a shortage of chicken nuggets

First, one frustrated Chick-fil-A customer made a post on Reddit expressing frustration that they had waited thirty minutes for a chicken nuggets order they had placed on the app, only to find out that the store was out of nuggets. While most replies were simply complaints about the app, a few responses alluded to the reason being a supposed nugget recall, although scant details about where and why Chick-fil-A nuggets would be recalled were provided. 

"The nugget recall happened last night. My store didn't know about it until 9:30 last night. We thankfully had enough 'good nuggets' to still sell today, but apparently we are the only Chick-fil-A in the area selling nuggets," replied u/ChrisRen796, and u/preshr agreed: "It's not a shortage, it's a midwest wide? recall." 

This alleged surprise recall was seemingly backed up by another Reddit post, made one day later by a Chick-fil-A employee in Virginia asking about it, writing: "I am not looking forward to telling our guests tomorrow that we will not be serving nuggets until further notice lol. anybody else hear about this from your operator? I haven't seen anybody mention this yet..."

Some employees claimed nuggets were recalled at their Chick-fil-A locations

A few other Chick-fil-A employees did seem to confirm that their stores will also not be selling chicken nuggets for the time being. "Yep, ton of our nuggets got recalled. We got lucky and got a good shipment right before so our freezer has some on standby but not much..." u/Firebon3 replied

"Our store did it on Saturday and we were told the whole state is doing recall on it," agreed u/Animal-FarmingLover, while another Reddit user confirmed that the supposed recall was also affecting their Chick-fil-A store in Arkansas. However, it appears that news of the recall, if there is one, did not even reach all Chick-fil-A locations, let alone the general public. 

Another employee chimed in saying "As of last saturday they haven't said anything in our store california," while others wondered what other states it might affect. So while there are certainly rumblings about a recall, there have been no official announcements regarding a recall in the midwest, nor any other region of the United States. Whenever there's a recall, companies usually announce it for health and safety concerns — like the recent news of the Dole curly leaf parsley recall. If there is a nuggets recall, the brand has been unusually quiet about it, but Chick-fil-A fans will likely just have to wait and see if any of these claims do indeed turn out to be true.