The Surprising Amount Of Water Beyonce Drinks Every Day

Thanks to what we'll call Showergate, we've learned which celebrities are not about putting water on their bodies (via Vulture). But at least we know one queen who is all about putting water in her body. Yes, Beyoncé Knowles has made it clear as water that hydrating is an important part of her self-care routine, once telling British Vogue that water, exercise, and vitamins were her secrets for getting strong again after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy.

It turns out, drinking large amounts of water is just another celebrity hygiene trend, with big names battling it out for who drinks the most, what kind, and with which accoutrements. According to The Cut, Bosnian rose water is where it's at for Angelina Jolie, while Jaden Smith accepts nothing less than distilled ("When I drink normal water it feels like I'm swallowing huge chunks of aluminum," Smith reportedly said.) Naomi Campbell likes hers hot, with lemon (and probiotics), and Kelly Rowland claims that loving Fiji water specifically is her only "crazy request" as a performer. But how much water is enough? Let's check in with Rowland's Destiny's Child sister to find out what she recommends.

Beyoncé goes above and beyond, as usual

For the standard human being, even fitting in the daily recommended dose of eight 8-ounce glasses of water can be hard to do (via Healthline). But Beyoncé, who is a bit of an overachiever (see: the Lemonade album, having twins, her side hustle as an apiarist), can't stop, won't stop at the suggested daily half-gallon of water. "I try to take care of myself, drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day," Beyoncé has said, according to The Cut.

At least a gallon a day puts Beyonce in the same league as Gabrielle Union, who also shoots for a gallon a day (and 32 ounces of that by breakfast time). Elle MacPherson, The Cut reports, tries to hit three liters — about three-quarters of a gallon — daily. And if those ladies' dewy skin is any indication, they might be drawing their water directly from the fountain of youth itself. As Healthline points out, each person's exact water needs vary and depend on a lot of different factors. But one thing remains true: hydration is important. Drinking water is good for your metabolism, can help you battle health problems, and improves brain function and energy levels. Plus, if you drink at least a gallon a day, you'll have one more thing in common with Queen Bey herself.