Nearly 31% Said This Was Their Least Favorite Jack In The Box Breakfast Item

For some people, choosing the right breakfast can make or break their whole morning. While starting out with a great cup of coffee is enough for some, others need a delicious sweet or savory way to get going. Stopping at Jack in the Box to start your day? Some options are far better than others, at least if you ask Mashed readers. 632 people across the United States recently took a poll to determine which Jack in the Box breakfast item is the least favorite among breakfast lovers.

The poll options included the breakfast Jack, grilled sourdough Swiss sandwich, sausage croissant, mini pancakes, loaded breakfast sandwich, bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, and grande sausage breakfast burrito. Between the seven options, there were three that ranked at the bottom of the least-favorite list, making them the most-liked of the bunch. There were three options that made up the middle ground. However, one breakfast item definitely stood out as the least favorite.

This is the least-liked Jack in the Box breakfast item

Of the Jack in the Box breakfast items listed in the poll, the breakfast Jack, loaded breakfast sandwich, and bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit were the three options the fewest people selected as their least favorite. The loaded breakfast sandwich only received 5.22% of the vote, while the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit got slightly more votes with 6.65%. That means 33 people voted for the loaded breakfast sandwich and 42 voted for the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Another 52 people voted for the breakfast Jack, which received 8.23% of the vote.

The breakfast items that landed in the middle were the sausage croissant, grande sausage breakfast burrito, and grilled sourdough Swiss sandwich. The grande sausage breakfast burrito got 15.19% of the vote from 96 people, while the sausage croissant got 16.46% of the vote from 104 people. The grilled sourdough Swiss sandwich was least-liked out of the middle ground items, garnering 17.41% from a total of 110 people — just six more votes than the sausage croissant.

However, the absolute least-liked breakfast item at Jack in the Box turned out to be the mini pancakes. Nearly a third of the voters selected it as their least favorite — that's 195 votes out of 632. Clearly, this is the breakfast item to avoid in the mornings.