The Surprising Reason Teammates Won't Eat Dessert In Front Of Cristiano Ronaldo

After Cristiano Ronaldo famously snubbed Coca Cola in a press conference, his distaste for refined sugar was put on full display. In fact, the incident reportedly caused the Coca-Cola stock to drop. Clearly, the world famous soccer star has a considerable influence on the eating habits of his fans, but it's more than just the public that looks up to his ultra healthy ways. According to goalkeeper Lee Grant, the entire Manchester United team is scared to eat dessert in front of Ronaldo because they don't want Ronaldo to judge them. 

One Friday night before a game, Grant revealed to talkSPORT, "Not one player touched the apple crumble and custard, not one player went up for that brownie." Grant explained that the Friday night team dinner is usually a cheat meal, but Ronaldo takes his diet seriously. "We were having a little goosey gander at what he has got, and obviously it is the cleanest, most healthy plate you can imagine," Grant went on to describe. "And it just cracked me up how not one single player dared get up and have that junk food that was laid out."

Cristiano Ronaldo eats six meals a day and always skips dessert

As the highest scorer in soccer history (via talkSPORT), it makes sense that Ronaldo's diet regimen is pretty intense. As Insider explains, Ronaldo rarely has rest days and eats strictly six meals a day, with minimal sugar and no alcohol. He starts off his day with an antipasti breakfast of meat, cheese, and olives, along with a side of yogurt. This is followed by a mid-morning avocado toast. Ronaldo later has two lunches two hours apart, consisting of a chicken Caesar salad with olives and no dressing, and a fish fillet with hard boiled eggs and more olives. After training, Ronaldo eats two high protein dinners, either steak or fish, as well as fresh vegetables. 

As for sweets, Ronaldo hardly indulges in any, except for the yogurt during breakfast and a fruit juice in the afternoon with his second lunch. He may not have as much of a sweet tooth as the rest of Manchester United, but it seems to be working out quite well for him — even if it means that his teammates have to avoid eating dessert in front of him.