Binging With Babish Reveals The Grocery Store Item You Shouldn't Skimp On

"Binging With Babish" is one of those YouTube cooking shows that's hard to look away from, Andrew Rea creates dishes seen in movies and television shows, giving us all the satisfaction that we crave when we watch people in media consuming tantalizing dinners and mouthwatering meals. His first ever recreation was of the burger in the "Parks and Recreation" burger cook off episode, and he realized he had discovered his medium. 

With a few years under his belt of being a full-time YouTube food content creator, Rea has picked up a few tips for stretching your dollar in the grocery store, something pretty much everyone has tried to perfect. It can be tough, especially when eating fresh and healthy foods to make things last and go a long way. Some foods, like oatmeal, can be bought at really cheap prices if you ignore the brand name labels, but other foods are worth spending more money on.

Andrew Rea recommends buying quality proteins

Rather than buying cheap chicken or fish, Rea suggests that you buy higher quality protein, and he's got a few reasons behind this. "If you spend more on quality meat, you'll probably end up throwing away less, which in the end will save you money," he says (via Acorns). "The average supermarket chicken has probably had a horrible life and not only is it worse for you, it's going to taste worse," whereas good quality chicken has a far superior taste. 

We know that it's better for you and the planet to consume less meat, so rather than buying lots of cheap proteins, buying a reduced amount of high-quality meats is a better option all-around, both for you and the environment. So next time you're perusing the meat aisle at your local supermarket, check out some of the more expensive options — grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, and the like. You may be surprised how big of a difference it makes!