The Truth About Kayla Longstreth From Worst Cooks In America: Halloween Redemption 2

The popular show "Worst Cooks in America: Halloween Redemption 2" will soon air on the Food Network and with it, the beginning of Kayla Longstreth's campaign to make up for her near win in Season 17. Last time, the dance teacher from Firestone, Colorado, made it to the penultimate episode. Longstreth was well placed entering that day of shooting. 

As Work Cooks in America blog noted, she had won three episodes, while Adrian the only other person on Bobby Flay's team that remained, had only won two and had been placed in the bottom in the previous challenge. However, the episode asked her to recreate Flay's truffle pasta and chocolate mousse with blackberry sauce, which proved too much of a curveball for her. She was eliminated and Adrian went on to win the finale. But now, Longstreth returns and is ready to redirect all the skills Flay shared into achieving redemption.

A success story for the long-running series

Talking to Westword, Longstreth revealed even though she was happy to have participated on "Worst Cooks in America," she did not actually sign herself up for it. Her mother did, which was cheeky because Longstreth said her mom "can't cook either." Most of their meals together consists of ordering pizza, takeout, and making other basic recipes like spaghetti. However, by the end of show, Longstreth said she grew in confidence and now approaches a new recipe each week. 

Outside of pushing her culinary horizons, she also teaches children at dance studios in Broomfield and Boulder, Colorado. When she isn't teaching, she hangs out with her younger brother who has autism. "That's my favorite thing to do — dance and hang out with him," she explained about their bond. No doubt that her tight-knit family will serve as a strong chorus of cheerleaders for the series ahead.