Why Some Costco Shoppers Think This Popular Bakery Item Has Changed

Costco's bakery department is usually a treat for the taste buds. From fresh pies and cookies to decadent cakes, there is a baked good to satisfy just about every sweet tooth at Costco. And while they are a great place to get sweets for a special occasion, many fans also stop by to pick up regular staples like bread and muffins while doing their regular grocery runs.

One such fan-favorite breakfast staple is Costco's blueberry muffins, which deliver a sweet, fluffy base that is loaded with plump, tasty blueberries for a fresh, flavorful muffin. But unfortunately, while Costco shoppers usually rave about these muffins, some Costco regulars are beginning to suspect that the company may have changed the recipe, turning these muffins from mouth-watering to simply meh. One disappointed shopper even made a Reddit post asking fellow Reddit users, "Blueberry Muffins, does anyone know if they changed the recipe or are doing something different?" adding, "They tasted different and hardly had any blueberries? Usually Costco products are always great but was disappointed by these muffins."

Shoppers think Costco's Blueberry Muffins don't taste as good

They were far from the only ones to have recently been disappointed by Costco's blueberry muffins. The responses on Reddit were quick to confirm that other shoppers had also noticed something amiss with the typically delicious baked good. "The blueberry muffins don't seem to be the same [for a number of reasons], and there are hardly any blueberries on/inside them now," replied u/housecatspeaks, adding, "I thought it was just me having issues."

"The blueberries looked smaller and darker this last time I was mulling over buying some so I skipped. These bakery changes lately suck," another Reddit user agreed. Others hopefully speculated that perhaps it was not an intentional change in the recipe, but was maybe a new baker or simply someone who had accidentally messed up the muffins.

Costco has not yet confirmed that they have made any changes to their normal blueberry muffin recipe, according to Eat This, Not That!. However, it is hard for Costco regulars to ignore what they see with their own eyes and experience with their taste buds. Fans of this muffin can only hope that perhaps this was simply a mistake or a bad batch, and the warehouse store will soon have their normal, tasty blueberry muffins back in stock.