This Abandoned Alaskan McDonald's Has Twitter Freaking Out

The first McDonald's was established in 1954 (per the official website), slinging out a limited menu of burgers, fries, and beverages and providing the breeding grounds for a franchise that would eventually revolutionize the food service business. Insider also recently took a look at the history of the Happy Meal in particular and established that, from the chain's first toy theme, the circus, to later iterations including partnerships with TV shows and movies like "Star Trek" and "101 Dalmatians," the franchise has continued to innovate and give people what they want.

But what happens when a McDonald's just can't boost sales, regardless of adaptation? The emergence of creepy videos showing the abandoned former locations is what. A video on YouTube features a montage and background on former McDonald's locations that are no longer existing. And recently, the imagery of an deserted Alaskan location in particular has the internet reeling.

The deserted McDonald's is a creepy time capsule

You know how critics always wonder why people go into creepy buildings in horror movies? Well, one TikTok user didn't get the memo as they chose to ignore that advice as they ventured into an abandoned McDonald's on a remote island in Alaska that seems to have been closed up years ago, in order to explore what was inside. The TikToker posted a video of the interior, featuring time-stamped pastel tiled walls that look to be covered in dirt, plus a very old-school fountain drink machine and TVs, presumably for customer entertainment. 

The debris everywhere and the empty chairs alone would be enough to be haunting, but the TikTok video was just a preview as the original poster later shared a longer video on YouTube with more footage, and featuring the outside areas as well.

Snopes reached out to McDonald's execs who noted that the location was likely closed in 2007, though by the looks of it, it would appear to have been a relic of the '80s or '90s. Another visitor to the location, @RealJezebelley, posted a picture on Twitter revealing the still intact drive-thru menu features "Bobby's World" and "Jurassic Park" promo materials. According to Yahoo, this is not a new find, but many Twitter and other social media users are just discovering it for the first time, with some speculating it should even be made into a museum. A McD's museum? Now that's a tasty idea!