Untold Truth Of Fat Sal's

If you think eating at a deli for lunch sounds boring, you need to set your sights on Fat Sal's. This local deli chain in Los Angeles, California, operates under their humble slogan, "We're making sandwiches over here," and has created a huge following that has allowed the owners to continue to be creative with their offerings, as well as expand to three locations, per Fat Sal's

Their menu touts Fat Sandwiches, Fat Fries, Fat Sides, and a sidebar called "Make it Fatter" for add-ons to your meal. One of their signatures on these piled-high sandwiches is adding fries to many of their offerings– when you order here, you know that it's going to be a decadent gastronomic experience.

From locals to tourists, to celebrities, Fat Sal's has become a beacon for delectable and indulgent sandwiches, burgers, and even shakes with menu items that also cater to vegetarian and vegan diets, making it a dining experience for everyone who wants some supersized portions.

Fat Sal's relies on its freeform approach to food

Fat Sal's success partially stems from how they continue to mix and match foods and flavors. "Because we strive to be creative with our food, we strongly believe that nothing is off-limits," co-owner Sal Capek told Eater.

This culinary openness creates an allure for customers, while also offering endless inspiration and creativity for the co-owners. This approach to cooking allows the restaurant to change up flavors and textures and freely experiment before adding any new items to the permanent menu. This attitude and spirit make Fat Sal's so exciting because there aren't limitations or concerns that a meal needs to be a certain way. 

Anyone who has eaten at Fat Sal's knows that's what makes this sandwich joint so enticing. The owners thrive in the creative process and are essential for keeping Fat Sal's rocking. "There are always new sandwich innovations in the works. That's what keeps the whole thing exciting for us," said Capek, according to Eater. Customers who love to try new things are in for a particular treat since the menu rotates so frequently. If you're visiting Los Angeles, plan a few trips to this eatery or go with a group to taste test as many of their offerings as possible. 

Fat Sal's goes all-out while catering to any diet

For a city, such as Los Angeles that is well known for being health-conscious, it may seem like a surprise that an indulgent sandwich shop would be so successful. The owners are the first to admit that there is plenty on the menu that can be classified as a guilty pleasure, according to Eater. Their classic Fat Sal comes piled high with roast beef, fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, gravy, and mayo. It sounds delicious and there's no denying that this one sandwich is rich in every sense of the word, per Los Angeles Magazine. When you call a food a guilty pleasure or indulgence, it typically means you're not eating it every day, so consider Fat Sal's a place where moderation is taken liberally.

The restaurant also carries an expansive menu that caters to a variety of diets, needs, and interests, such as plant-based options and salads. Although a veggie salad is often considered a healthier choice, Fat Sal's still likes to top everything with fries, including this side, according to Daily News. Go into this dining experience with an open mind but be warned — Fat Sal's isn't about watching what you eat. 

Fat Sal's has sued restaurants over their image

Before a restaurant launches, a lot of time is spent brainstorming the name and logo and when a competitor creates branding that seems surprisingly similar, problems usually arise. Fat Sal's issued a lawsuit in 2021 against a restaurant and bar in New York because they claim the defendant's restaurant, also named Fat Sal's, copied the Californian logo and image, according to The Real Deal. The L.A. restaurant sports an image of a chef holding up a long sandwich over his head while sporting a hang loose gesture with his other hand, while the New York eatery has a drawing of a bull with a fork pinching a steak that is over his head.

Despite Fat Sal's in L.A. sending cease and desist letters, the New York restaurant doesn't have any intention of making any changes to their brand or logo. California's Fat Sal's has filed a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement and is also seeking damages as well as claiming that the N.Y.-based restaurant is benefiting not only from the Fat Sal's name, which has appeared in a variety of well-known publications but also is utilizing specific social media hashtags unique to the L.A. restaurant.

Fat Sal's has a special deal with DoorDash

If you're in the mood for one of Fat Sal's indulgent sandwiches, like the Fat Jamie or you prefer a loaded burger, such as the pepperoni pizza burger or chicken teriyaki burger, you're in luck, per the restaurant's menu. Los Angeles is notorious for its horrendous traffic and if you don't fancy leaving the house, now you don't have to. Sometimes staying home and having delicious food delivered to your door without the walk, bike ride, or waiting in line can have its benefits, and Fat Sal's understands that. 

Fat Sal's partnered with DoorDash as their mainstay delivery service so you can enjoy their piled high burgers and sandwiches without the hassle of traversing the city to one of their three locations, per Eater. According to Fat Sal's, they're also serving out of the DoorDash kitchen in Lincoln Heights and Koreatown, which means there's an additional location for you to order and pick up food. Now you won't have an excuse to not get food from your favorite deli when you don't feel like navigating traffic that goes at a snail's pace.

Locals and celebrities love Fat Sal's

There is no denying that Fat Sal's has found a niche in Los Angeles and keeps locals and tourists returning in flocks. Their several locations cater to different crowds, such as the Encino location that attracts families or the Hollywood location that comes alive at night, according to Eater

It may be no surprise that celebrities also love ordering food from Fat Sal's, too. In an interview with The Sun, a source close to Brad Pitt mentioned that he and Leonardo DiCaprio both enjoy munching on Fat Sal's. The source told The Sun that, "Leo brings sandwiches over from their favorite place, Fat Sal's, and they spend their boys' nights creating art until the early hours." Next time you order at Fat Sal's, you may even spot someone famous ordering a similar sandwich, shake, or salad.