Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Gourmet Sea Salt Caramels

Everyone could use a little pick-me-up in their day sometimes. And what could be a better pick-me-up than an indulgent sweet treat? Not much, except maybe a sweet, creamy caramel from the "nation's premier gourmet caramel company" that you got for a steal at just $12.99 for a 17-ounce bag (via Béquet). So if you are in the market for a new go-to sweet, then you are in luck, because Costco has just begun carrying handmade Celtic Sea Salt Caramels from the gourmet candy company Béquet Confections.

Each individual candy caramel boasts a rich, buttery vanilla caramel flavor that is enhanced with a dash of subtle Celtic Sea Salt for an enticing flavor like no other, according to Béquet. And Costco shoppers couldn't be more excited that they can now get their hands on this gourmet brand of candy at the wholesale store for such a great price. The popular Instagram account @costcobuys was so delighted about the new arrival they made a post asking their followers, "Anyone else a fan of sea salt caramels? I spotted these delicious treats and just had to share!"

Customers raved that these caramels are 'yummy' and 'the best'

Other Costco shoppers were equally excited to see these "yummy" caramels were back on store shelves. "They are ridiculously good!!!" raved @catetravelstheworld, while another follower declared them "by far the best piece of salted Carmel ever assembled." "These are the best caramels. Am so happy they are back," @popsiclegirl13 agreed.

While quite a few people couldn't stop gushing about the caramel's delicious flavor, others were making plans to stock up on the candy before supplies run out. "I bought just one bag last year. Had I known how absolutely fabulous they were, I would have bought more because they went fast," @lindathemelon posted.

Béquet Confections also boasts a collection of other unique gourmet caramel flavors, including espresso, butterscotch, salted, mocha, and even chipotle, so fans can hope that more of these decadent caramel varieties will join Béquet's Costco collection one day soon. And in the meantime, fans of the sweet treat will simply have to stock up on the Celtic Sea Salt variety while they can.