Costco Fans Are Divided Over This Beef Brisket Mac And Cheese

When Costco sold Reser's Main St. Bistro line of Beef Brisket Macaroni & Cheese in 2020, Delish asserted, "Scientifically speaking, mac & cheese is always good," and that throwing brisket into the mix makes it even better. But if Costco shoppers do a little Instagram research before their next shopping trip, they will come up with mixed reviews for this frozen food item. Instagram user @Costcobuys recently posted a picture of the mac & cheese, which has returned to Costco's shelves. The picture was captioned, "Beef brisket mac & cheese!! This looks really good and even has 24g of protein per serving! It's $13.99 for 40oz!"

Looks can be deceiving, according to one Instagram user who commented, "Was not a fan." Another user responded simply with a "Yuck" and a nauseated face emoji. Other users, on the other hand, were much more enthusiastic about the BBQ entree. One Instagrammer enthusiastically responded, "This stuff is gold," and another wrote "It IS REALLY GOOD! They FLEW off the shelves here!" We love a good ol' fashioned food fight (with words of course), and all this discourse just goes to show that when it comes to dinner, tastes are as varied as, well, opinions on the internet. If you're interested in finding out what this meal tastes like, we've gathered some more clues.

What we know about Reser's Beef Brisket Macaroni & Cheese

Looking at @Costcobuys' post a little closer, we can see from the box that Reser's Beef Brisket Macaroni & Cheese is made with "Half Cavatappi Noodles, BBQ Beef Brisket and Whole Milk with Sharp Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese." (Fun fact: "Cavatappi" is Italian for "corkscrew," per Google Translate.) The combination sounds delicious to us, but we're even more impressed with the label's claim that the dish is "Microwave ready in 9 minutes." Now, that's a dinner we actually have time to make!

Unfortunately for anyone whose interest has been piqued, from the comments on @Costcobuys' post, it sounds like the product may not be available in every store. One user asked, "What Costco is brisket Mac and cheese being sold? It's not in Memphis." Another Instagrammer responded more dramatically with "we're moving. Our Costco never has any of the good stuff they post." Now, there are many factors when it comes to relocating, and choosing a home based on its proximity to a Costco stocked with a good variety of options — including beef brisket mac and cheese — sounds like just as good of a reason as any to us. (Granted, we may be a little biased.)