You Could Only Get This Cherry Pie-Inspired Frappuccino In One Country

By now, avid Starbucks fans should likely know that there are some really creative flavors of limited-edition Frappuccinos out there in the world. Yet, some of the best can only be ordered in countries outside the United States. You can't even get them off the secret menu in the U.S., so don't bother trying, either. However, these elusive sugary frozen drinks might make visiting a Starbucks location while traveling all the more fun, apart from picking up the locally-inspired coffee mug to take home.

The melon-flavored, mermaid-themed Frappuccino is one such drink that was only be found in Mexico. According to Insider, other Frappuccinos from around the world include flavors like maple coffee, mango passion fruit, and milk tea panna cotta. Honestly, it seems that the most dedicated of Starbucks fans should create a Frappuccino passport to carry along on international trips to keep track of which flavors they've tried. But there are far more than these, including a cherry pie-flavored Frappuccino.

This was what the cherry pie Frappuccino entailed

The cherry pie-inspired Frappuccino could only be found in Japan, according to Eater. Actually, the drink might have been one of the most impressive Frappuccinos out there. To make the drink in Japan, baristas start by spooning a bit of cherry compote into the bottom of the cup. That's followed by a vanilla-flavored cream base that is also followed by some whipped cream. Next, more cherry compote is spooned over the vanilla mix and whipped cream.

However, the Frappuccino would not be cherry pie-inspired without the signature pastry crust. So, instead of capping the cup with a plastic domed top like most Frappuccinos, this one gets a dome made out of flaky pastry. Just imagine dipping the pastry topper into the cherry and vanilla cream drink. It must be almost like a slice of cherry pie cooled with a scoop of ice cream. For that, this is definitely a Frappuccino to add to your Starbucks bucket list.