Why Alton Brown Fans Really Won't Want To Miss His Upcoming Book

After a long wait, fans of Alton Brown's show "Good Eats" are finally going to get what they've been hoping for: the last in the series of "Good Eats" cookbooks, the aptly titled "Good Eats 4: The Final Years." Brown announced a Spring 2022 release for the book on his Instagram feed, stating, "Everything has led up to this." According to Abrams Books, this is "the fourth and final" cookbook for the fan-favorite cooking show that has seen two recent reboots: "Good Eats: Reloaded" and "Good Eats: The Return."

"Good Eats: Reloaded" aired for two seasons, and The Cooking Channel website writes that Brown made adjustments to prior episodes of the original "Good Eats" — which aired from 1999-2012 (via IMDb) — based on changes in cooking techniques, technology, and food preferences (via The Cinemaholic). Brown went on Twitter to reassure fans that the new cookbook will include recipes from the third, unaired, season of the popular show. "And yes, to all you who have asked, the third season of #GoodEatsReloaded ... aka the season that didn't happen, is in the book. Lots and lots of recipes."

The book captures the essence of Brown and the show

This cookbook caps off a series that included "Good Eats: The Early Years," "Good Eats: The Middle Years," and "Good Eats: The Later Years" (via Alton Brown's website). Abrams Books points out that this large book contains more than 175 recipes over 432 pages, covering wide-ranging culinary styles and cuisines. It also includes handwritten notes that "capture Brown's unique mix of madcap and methodical" elements that were central to the look and feel of the series. Full of tips and notes on flavors, as well as food history, the book is intended to embody the colorful, quirky, yet informative tone that made the show so enduringly popular.

Fans responded enthusiastically to the news, though many were sad to see the word "final" associated with their beloved show. On Instagram, user etchedincold noted, "I don't like this F word." User JD Hall similarly commented on Brown's Twitter announcement, "Seeing 'The Final Years' definitely made me sad. Your show was the reason I first started taking an interest in cooking."

Brown noted in a reply on Instagram that he will be doing a book tour when the cookbook is released. "Good Eats 4: The Final Years" can be preordered on the Abrams Books site for $40, plus shipping and any applicable taxes. Abrams lists the publication date as March 23, 2022.