The Surprising Truth About MasterChef Winner Kelsey Murphy's Signature Headbands

It's hard to deny that one of the biggest cooking shows on television is "MasterChef," a name that has motivated many across the world to experiment in the kitchen. The show's latest season featured culinary stars from different backgrounds. According to Parade, what made this season's finale historic was that it had three talented female chefs in the finale: Kelsey Murphy, Autumn Moretti, and Suu Khin.

For "MasterChef" winner Kelsey Murphy, it all came down to staying consistent with her culinary style instead of experimenting drastically. She told Parade, "my strategy was to ... really focus [on] my food, on strong technique and simplicity in the presentation, and the beauty of presentation, but a lot of complexity behind each of those components." She essentially wanted to highlight the major ingredients in every dish. 

Murphy is thrilled to have won the show and has grand plans. The chef hopes to reach out to others with her work and inspire them with her perspective on food. However, there was one aspect of Murphy's consistent appearance that wasn't exactly her choice. Die-hard fans of the show will be able to recall that Murphy was known for sporting stylish headbands throughout "MasterChef" — and it turns out, that's not her signature look off-camera (via Indy Star.) 

Murphy actually wasn't a big headband fan

If Kelsey Murphy had her way, she wouldn't be wearing headbands in every cooking challenge on "MasterChef." As per Indy Star, the chef only experimented with a headband for one production photo but didn't realize what she was signing up for. She explained, "I tried to say, 'Can we drop the headband? No more headbands.' And production was like, 'Sorry. It's your look now.'"

Well, Murphy may have not liked the look or style, but "MasterChef" viewers definitely did. Many of them wondered where she got her headbands from. The answer is Target, in case you've been curious. While Murphy was told that she could get rid of the headband for the finale, one producer reminded her that it had brought her luck all season. She was conflicted and decided to sport a headband anyway, just to be safe. Hey, it worked!