You Can Only Get This Massive Tin Of Halloween-Themed Cheetos At Walmart

When it comes to grabbing some Halloween-themed snacks, you have your work cut out for you. You may opt to whip up some deliciously monstrous burgers or spider-y deviled eggs at home, but when you want a quick bite that doesn't take any effort to make and isn't just candy, your options are relatively limited. However, Cheetos now offers a special item for everyone who wants to embrace October and indulge in a spooky snack.

According to Best Products, you can now get your hands on massive tins of skeleton-themed Cheetos. These tubs, dubbed Bag of Bones, feature the signature cheesy snack in the shape of skulls, ribcages, hands, and more. The product comes with two flavors — White Cheddar and Flamin' Hot — and guarantees to please anyone looking for a quick, fun, festive bite. If this item sounds tempting, make sure you add it to your grocery list when you visit Walmart, as you won't find the tin anywhere else.

A spooky Cheetos treat

If the Cheetos Bag of Bones sounds like an item you need, make sure to pick up the snack on your next Walmart trip. According to Best Products, this exclusive buy retails at $7.98. These bone-shaped Cheetos have been making waves for years and fans can't get enough of them. Some fans particularly love the Flamin' Hot Cheetos bones thanks to their intense red coloring and the extra hit of spice they bring to the table, per The Junk Food Guy. Another reviewer found the flavors of these Flamin' Hot bones enjoyable, but ultimately said the original crunchy Flamin' Hot Cheetos still come out on top (via Chip Review). If you can't wait to try these snacks, make sure to get them while you can, because once Halloween comes to a close, it may take a whole year to see them on shelves again.

For a special holiday treat, make sure to grab a tin of these snacks when you hit up Walmart. With any luck, you may just find your new favorite snack or the perfect finger food for your next Halloween party. Just make sure to act fast, as you wouldn't want to get left in the (Cheeto) dust on this deal.