The Brutal Way Gordon Ramsay Insulted Clemenza Caserta

Gordon Ramsay is best known for his food, but his rough demeanor (and that's understating it) is a close second. Delish covered some of his greatest insults, including "idiot sandwich" — a favorite among many of his fans and viewers that involved him placing a chef's head between two slices of bread. Elsewhere, he told chefs they cook like elderly people due to their slow pace. 

On top of that, many have taken to social media to tag Gordon Ramsay in their dishes and the dishes of their close friends and family so that he can weigh in and he does not hold back. A BuzzFeed roundup included a burnt-looking grilled cheese by someone named Tyler Little — to which Gordon replied, "Get some glasses Tyler" — and a Noodle Soup by Chris B, which Ramsay likened to "toxic scum on a stagnant pool." Yikes! So how did Ramsay insult one of his most unfortunate victims?

Digs for days

According to Screen Rant, Clemenza Caserta was working on a service for the U.S. Marines when he ran out of beef Wellingtons for some of the tables. And as fans of Gordon Ramsay know, running out of food for service is a big no-no! As Screen Rant explains, "Ramsay was understandably embarrassed and upset, telling another chef to take Clemenza and bring him to the Marines to explain what had gone wrong," calling Caserta a "baby rhino" in the process.

The exact way he phrased it, as they printed, is: "Hey, f***ing baby rhino screws the Marines! It's pathetic! It's the U.S. Marines! Hey, let's go, you! Your f***ing mess, you get yourself out of it! I know it's going to look embarrassing ... f***ing take him to the Marines!" On top of that verbal vitriol, Clemenza then had to swallow his pride (and quite possibly tears) long enough to go to the table and explain the situation. Here's hoping he just keeps swimming — er, cooking — after such a harrowing experience.