Eggo's New Stuffed Pancake Bites Will Remind Of You Of This Classic Fall Pie

Who doesn't love pancakes? Light, fluffy, and completely comforting, there's no denying that pancakes are the ultimate breakfast food (sorry, waffle lovers!). When you sit down at the table with your pancakes, there's nothing more satisfying than slathering on some butter, drizzling on some syrup, and tucking into your yummy stack of goods. If you are cheffing it up at home, pancakes are also extremely fun to customize. From chocolate chips and blueberries, to bananas and pecans, there are so many tasty morsels you can add to take your pancake stack up a notch. There are even measures you can take to make this breakfast food healthier, like opting for whole-grain pancakes.

While pancakes are a great breakfast option on a lazy Sunday morning, all too often we are forced to opt for inferior breakfast fare that's easy to eat on the go. Whoever said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, didn't think about the fact that mornings are also the busiest time of day. But listen up, pancake zealots! Eggo has the perfect quick pancake fix for you. The best news: Right now, you can purchase a box of Eggo pancakes in a delicious fall flavor (And nope — it's not pumpkin spice).

Eggo's Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Pancake Bites are basically breakfast apple pies

While they may be famous for their waffles (thank you, "Stranger Things"), Kellog's Eggo brand also produces other scrumptious breakfast foods, including pancakes! Like everyone else, Eggo is celebrating the arrival of autumn with an exciting new pancake bite flavor. While we all love pumpkin spice, there are so many other incredible fall flavors out there, including salted caramel, maple, and pecan pie. Thankfully, Eggo is branching out from the crowd, and bringing us some Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Pancake Bites.

Crisp, sweet, and refreshing, the only thing better than apple is apple cinnamon. According to Best Products, Eggo's Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Pancake Bites are primarily made of pancakes, with a special stuffing on the inside. The pancake bites are filled with an apple cinnamon mixture, which tastes exactly like apple pie. The best part about these breakfast apple pies? All they need is 30 to 50 seconds in the microwave before they are ready for eating. Each box contains 18 bites.

For those interested, Eggo Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Pancake Bites are available in the freezer aisle at Walmart and other grocery stores and retailers. Eggo Pancake Bites are also available in two other varieties, Chocolate and Strawberry.