Aldi Fans Are Loving These European Chocolate Truffles

Getting your hands on good chocolate truffles is easier said than done. According to Santa Barbara Chocolate, these goodies take their name from truffle mushrooms, and chocolatiers design the candy to look like their fungus namesake. The traditional truffle recipe stipulates that each chocolate should get filled with a ganache, but confectioners around the world have experimented with the recipe over the years. You can now find chocolate truffles stuffed with fudge, nougat, marshmallows, and much more.

While you can grab a ton of varieties of this candy, Aldi took chocolate truffles to the next level. A user on r/Aldi discovered a box of Moser Roth's Luxurious European Chocolate Truffles on sale at the grocery chain and posted their find with the caption, "German week was disappointing, my store didn't have the almond cookies, but these look pretty awesome for $4." Other Redditors agreed with the sentiment, flooding the post with over 100 upvotes and a ton of glowing comments.

A truffle worth adding to your grocery list

Redditors can't get enough of Aldi's specialty truffles over on r/Aldi. Excited replies have come in, ranging from "their truffles are amazing. LOVE the pink ones" all the way to "I love these! Great texture and flavors! I bought some for a Christmas present and ate them already. Oh well. My store usually stocks them." When asked what each candy tastes like, the original poster said, "Yes, I've had like 5. So far, I really like the cheesecake and the strawberry rhubarb."

When it comes to delivering great candy, you can always expect Aldi to pull through. According to the grocery chain's website, the candies get individually priced at each store, so you have to make a trip to check the item out yourself. Just make sure to hurry — the treats are limited and can only stay on shelves while supplies last. If this tempting sweet sounds too good, make sure to get a move on and snag a box for yourself while you can.