Why Costco Shoppers Think You Should Avoid This Kitchen Knife Set

Picking out the perfect kitchen knife is a challenge if you don't know what to look for. According to Kitchen Kapers, any aspiring chef should make sure their blade features high-carbon stainless steel, a deep heel, and a fine, pointy tip. While all of these attributes make common sense to have in cutlery, not every knife manufacturer creates products that meet these standards. Over on r/Costco, one user recently came across a knife set sold at the chain and wondered, "I've been looking for a nice set of knives for a while now. Saw they're selling these at Costco. Anybody here got them before? Are they worth it?"

The post gained traction as a ton of comments started to pour in. One user didn't like the selection of knives found in the Costco set, saying, "So a lot of people will just recommend getting a chef's knife and [paring] knife from a reputable brand (I like Victorinox). I would also suggest throwing a serrated bread knife in the mix and adding knives as you find you need them. I find a boning knife and cleaver handy, but I break down a lot of meat — you may not find them as useful. The sets are generally not great quality, and like the other poster mentioned, not the greatest assortment in terms of utility."

A knife set that doesn't make the cut

Other users had more passionate responses to the knife set that ranged from "Skip them. Not worth it" all the way to "Anything advertising a built-in knife sharpener is going to be mediocre. There are also more knives there than most people will actually use or need" (via Reddit). Some Redditors offered advice instead, with users chiming in with comments like "You're better off buying high-quality knives one at a time. A person can do so much with a chef's knife, [paring] knife and bread knife" and "If your choice [is] no knives or these knives ... then get these. However, I think purchasing knives separately is a better [option]."

If you see this knife set at your local Costco and feel tempted to purchase it, heed the advice of your fellow shoppers and approach it with caution. When you need to invest in a knife, this product may not give you everything you're looking for.