Reddit Is Divided Over This Potsticker Sandwich Press Hack

Reddit can be an amazing source for time-saving hacks when it comes to food prep. But one of the latest cooking tips shared on the social platform has seriously divided commenters. The original poster on a controversial thread shared two photos showing frozen potstickers being cooked in a panini press. The caption said, "I used my sandwich press for insane potstickers in no time and with amazing taste," and the post was up-voted about 1,600 times.

Plenty of people thought this idea was a great one. Another Redditor responded, "Nice! I use mine for reheating so many different things, it's awesome." Two others wrote back saying that it was a great idea to use a sandwich press to cook the potstickers. However, just as many — if not more — people were not a fan of the unorthodox cooking method. In solidarity, one Redditor said, "I'm sorry for all the hate here — it looks like you did something that works for you. Good show, jolly good show." Yet criticism on the post abounds.

Quite a few Redditors don't think it would work

One commenter on the Reddit thread said the "texture looks super off" on the potstickers. Someone else chimed in to explain, "That's because you're supposed to use steam as well. I'd be concerned with them cooking to a high enough internal temperature too." Another person said the method would probably lead to "filling spewing everywhere," while another said the potstickers just looked plain "dry." However, the original poster stood their ground, saying, "Nah actually really well contained. A little crunchy but I'm a fan of that so."

To commenters who still insisted that the potstickers would be raw and, especially for those containing meat, unsafe to eat, the panini press user replied: "If this thing can cook my 12 layer toasted cheese sandwich including pickles, bacon and ham it can cook a pastry designed to keep steam in." While this is clearly a divisive way to cook dumplings, it must have worked wonders for the original poster and might at least be worth a try.