This Is Who Helped Guy Fieri Overcome Stage Fright

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri is a charismatic man, known for his numerous television appearances and his shows, such as "Guy's Grocery Games," "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives," "Guy's Ranch Kitchen," Guy's Big Bite," and "Tournament of Champions." He comes across as a fun, easygoing personality and is widely recognizable due to his signature spiked hair and flashy fashion choices. In fact, many fans have tried to dress up like him and made videos in his honor (via Mashable).

However, Fieri isn't exactly as he seems. There's a lot more to the chef than what is visible in his shows. Fieri wants others to remember him for his work. He wants to make a solid impact on the food industry. And yes, he has his quirks like the rest of us. He acknowledged that many memes don't actually make sense to him and he asks his kids for help. He also said that he has his share of bad days and tries to beat the blues by working out. And then, in typical Fieri fashion, he remarked, "I can't sit there and dwell on sh-t" (via Mashable).

While Fieri appears fairly confident in front of crowds, what many fans don't know about the chef is that he had stage fright before turning to an expert for advice (via Delish.)

Guy Fieri turned to motivational speaker Zig Ziglar

Guy Fieri, as per Delish, looked up to famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar for many years. So, when he got the opportunity to meet the man at a presentation, he grabbed it and showed up at a book signing. He waited patiently in a queue until he got the opportunity to speak to Ziglar. He just had one question for the man: Is it possible to be on stage and not battle anxiety?

Ziglar's response was simple and sensible. He told Fieri that when he's not nervous on stage, he won't be able to perform as well. Fieri said, "He explained that when you're nervous, you try harder and you really make an effort." On the other hand, if you take it too lightly, you're less likely to impress with what you do. Fieri has never forgotten this piece of advice and stands by today.