Binging With Babish's Andrew Rea Reveals The Most Disgusting Dish He's Ever Made - Exclusive

When "Binging With Babish" creator Andrew Rea set out to start filming recipes on YouTube, he never knew it would grow into the success that it did. The self-taught cook was looking for a creative outlet, and with a background in film and a love for cooking, he married the two together. The first episode, recreating a burger cook-off scene from "Parks and Recreation" took the internet by storm in 2016 (via YouTube), and Rea continued making episode after episode as the channel grew.

Now, Rea has recreated hundreds of dishes from television shows and movies, while his following on YouTube has grown to over 9 million subscribers.

But certainly, after all that time, Rea has recreated a dish or two from a movie or TV show that was entirely gross, right? We went straight to the source to find out. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Rea revealed just which recipe was the most disgusting dish he's ever made on "Binging With Babish."

This is the grossest recipe Andrew Rea has recreated on Binging With Babish

When asked about the grossest dish Andrew Rea has ever made on the show, it certainly didn't take long for him to pinpoint an answer. "My mind immediately goes to milk steak from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' he said. But what is milk steak exactly? In the show, it's a steak that's boiled in milk to cook it. Then, it's covered in jelly beans.

And while the actual taste of milk steak isn't terrible, according to Rea, it's the overall concept that really made it disgusting. "If you get down to it, it's cooked meat and it's with jelly beans, which is weird but it's not going to make you throw up," he said. "It's just conceptually gross. It looks gross. It feels gross. So it's more of a mind over matter thing and I don't have enough mind to get over that matter."

Rea also noted that he had to eat real dog food in order to pull off his Bachelor Chow episode from "Futurama." And as you can imagine, it was just as gross as you'd think. Rea poured kibble straight into a dog bowl and tried it with a spoon. "That s*** tastes like rancid cheese. It's like the worst thing."

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