The Real Reason Air Fryers Can Be Expensive

So you're in the market to buy an air fryer? Get ready, because your idea of cooking is about to drastically change thanks to your shiny new best friend. Air fryers are perfect for summer and for those who live in year-round high temperature environments because they don't expel heat the same way ovens do (via The Cookful). Rather than heating your food and your home, air fryers are specifically designed to trap heat. This means you can cook food without breaking a sweat and in record time, while also being energy efficient. People also find air fryers attractive because they require very little oil, which is a healthier way of cooking unhealthier, fried foods. Plus, it's so user-friendly.

Cooking mechanics aside, air fryers are also super compact. Their size is comparable to that of a large toaster or Keurig machine, but definitely not bigger than a cake mixer. Store the machine on your countertop, in a cabinet, or on a pantry shelf. Now that you know a little more about air fryers, you're ready to hit the store! You probably already have a budget or price point in mind. However, there are a few things you should know should you find yourself debating on whether or not to splurge on a more expensive air fryer.

The larger the machine, the higher the price.

All air fryers are not created equal. Like with most kitchen gadgets and appliances, the bigger the machine, the more enhancements and features, the higher the dollar amount. Because air fryers are a relatively new trend, one brand isn't necessarily better than the other, My Budget Recipes explains. For example, many gravitate towards Keurig or Nespresso when buying coffee machines. In baking, KitchenAid is regarded as the best of the best. Air fryers aren't there yet, which is great for consumers because the price tag isn't influenced by the brand's name.

Generally speaking, standard air fryers will cost you anywhere from $30 to $100, per My Budget Recipes. "Standard" air fryers mean medium size machines with basic heat settings. If you're looking to purchase a machine that can hold more than four quarts and with more advanced features (i.e. non-stick, broiling), it's going to cost you. The outlet warns those could cost upwards of $200; but depending on the size of your family and what you plan on using it for, the investment may be worth it.

Before you jump the gun, do your research. Ask yourself, Why am I buying an air fryer? If it's to reheat takeout and frozen foods, or try viral TikTok recipes, you'll likely be fine with a standard fryer. Albeit, if you want to cook without limitations and in larger batches, splurging an extra $50 to $80 may be worth it in the long run.