Chicago Residents Are Baffled By This Random Egg Thrower

There's a new group on Facebook called the Chicago Egg Hunters. But unlike other "egg hunters" who spot the creative and whimsical jokes of everyday life like Buzzfeed points out or those who spot the Mickey ears in Disney Movies, these are people who are literally hunting eggs that have been thrown at people around the city (via Mental Floss). Originally, the person chucking eggs at unsuspecting passersby starting throwing the eggs earlier in the summer and confined their territory to the north side of Chicago, which dubbed the culprit "The North Side Scrambler" (via Food & Wine). But now the egg tosser has struck in other areas around the city.

From the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo to river cruises below the N. LaSalle bridge, people have been egged all over Chicago. But the incidents did not become a cohesive trail until one victim shared their experience to the Chicago Reddit board. That's when others started to come forward and share that something similar had happened to them. Eventually, the egged congregated in a Facebook group created by Moshe Tamssot.

Even the creator of the group thinks it's all in good fun

One person said that they were hit in the collarbone with an egg and that it even left a bruise (via Food & Wine). The person who was hit below the N. LaSalle bridge while on a river cruise seemed shocked after being hit, others were missed altogether.

One who fortunately dodged the intended egg, Megan Ory, wrote on Facebook, "I had an egg thrown at me in Lincoln Park July 20th while waiting for the Halsted bus. Luckily, the person had terrible aim and missed me by 4 feet. They threw it very hard so they were definitely trying to cause some harm. I only knew what was happening when I heard the egg hit the window. Whoever this is I hope they get charged with assault."

Another said they dress "like a Bratz doll." When they told their mom about being slammed with an egg, their mom said that it was likely because of how they dress. Other accounts that were shared to Facebook dated back as much as two years.

Though many people don't find the joke funny anymore, the Facebook group's creator, Tamssot, told the Chicago Sun Times, "I didn't want to get anyone in trouble." He went on to add, "I was hoping they would be following along and giggling to themselves, saying 'OK we had a good run. We didn't really hurt people.'" Only time will tell if the egg thrower will come forward or stop. But for now, it seems many members of the group have had enough.