Starbucks Employees On Reddit Are Sharing Their Favorite Customer Mistakes

When you crave an extra-fancy beverage, no one serves up amazing drinks like Starbucks. This coffee chain's employees try their hardest to whip up the perfect creations for even the most exacting customer. According to Spoon University, baristas at the chain have had to craft green tea lattes served at exactly 195 degrees Fahrenheit that feature one pump of syrup, nonfat milk, and six scoops of matcha, while others recall making venti caramel Frappuccinos with extra caramel and whipped cream, but having to intricately layer the caramel and whipped cream into at least four layers.

Complicated custom drinks already run the risk of pushing your average employee over the edge, but Starbucks workers over on Reddit have experiences that take ridiculous orders to the next level. A Redditor over on r/Starbucks recently asked, "What are some of y'alls favorite ways customers have very wrongly ordered things. Mine is definitely a 'strawberry asiago' refresher or a 'mint condition tea.'" The post has steadily gained momentum and raked in over 600 upvotes and a ton of comments.

The best Starbucks customer mistakes

Starbucks baristas from across Reddit have chimed in. One respondent to the r/Starbucks post said they have been asked for "The ever confusing Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino." They weren't the only one — "I'm new, I had a customer order this, my shift supervisor pulled the ticket to make the drink, came over and told me, 'we don't make tik tok drinks here,'" another user wrote. "But now having made the caramel macchiato, it doesn't even make any sense to try and make that a blended drink!" Another user claimed patrons have asked for an "oatmeal shaken espresso," and a separate barista claims "We have a lady that comes like once every 2 weeks and without fail asks for a 'grande venti vanilla brean.' yes, grande venti. Yes, brean."

Next time you feel embarrassed messing up an order at Starbucks, just remember that some patrons order Tai Chi Lattes, Matchiatos, or Americanos without any espresso. Whatever you told your barista probably pales in comparison.