What Gordon Ramsay Really Thought About Princess Diana After Cooking For Her

It seems like few people have captured the public's love quite like Princess Diana. The mother of William and Harry, the "people's princess" became more than just a member of the royal family, with her admirers extending far beyond the United Kingdom. Despite being a renowned royal icon, it's only natural to wonder what the harshest critics thought of the woman so many others adored. 

While Gordon Ramsay may best be a judge of the culinary arts, he's not someone you don't take seriously in other nonfood-related matters. Back in the '90s the British chef actually cooked for Princess Di, and the man known for his fiery temper and intense opinions recently opened up about his experience cooking for and meeting the admired woman. 

On Monday night's episode of "Gordon, Gino and Fred Go Greek," Ramsay spoke of his impression of the royal icon when he cooked for her so many years ago.

Ramsay described Diana as 'beautiful'

Looking out of the Santorini sunset, Gino D'Acampo — one of the show's hosts— asked the other two men about their favorite meal they've eaten or cooked, to which Gordon Ramsay knew his answer immediately.

"Man, I think cooking for Lady Di once," the chef reminisced. According to an article in the Independent, he cooked her pressed leek terrine as a starter and sea bass as a main in his Chelsea restaurant, Aubergine.

He went on to compare the princess's beauty to that of the Greek isles the men found themselves in. "I mean, here is renowned as the supermodel of the islets — Santorini — and she, by far, was one the most gracious members of the royal family I've ever met," the celebrity chef shared, per Delish.

Though he didn't go too deep into the memory, it's clear the moment stuck with him. But then again, if we got the opportunity to cook for royalty, it'd probably stick with us, too.