22% Of People Would Most Want To Meet This Celebrity Chef In Person

People love celebrity chefs, and for good reasons. They often have fantastic cooking tips that can be worth incorporating into your everyday cooking routine. Plus, they're a great source of inspiration and can motivate you to come up with delicious homemade meals. However, per Marketwatch, there are little-known facts about these revered figures that can take you by surprise.

A fine example: some celebrity chefs have received no formal training whatsoever. A couple of examples that come to mind? Chefs Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, and Tom Colicchio. They've relied on "experimental cooking techniques" to get where they are. While many people don't mind this (and some might even prefer it), a few feel that it's necessary for celebrity chefs to receive culinary training to ensure that they're giving the right advice to their fans. However, many celebrity chefs learn a lot while working in restaurants and have enviable expertise. It's subjective.

Considering that there are so many popular celebrity chefs in the culinary scene, it can be hard to choose a favorite. However, according to a Mashed survey that included 612 participants in the U.S., viewers do in fact have several favorites.

Guy Fieri is popular

The Mashed survey included several prominent names from the culinary industry. Around 22.39% of the participants felt that Guy Fieri is the celebrity chef they'd like to meet in person if they had the chance. A bit more people (28.43%, to be specific) would choose to spend time with Gordon Ramsay, while 18.63% of voters selected Rachael Ray as their favorite famous chef. The chefs that weren't quite as popular for whatever reason included Ina Garten (8.82%), Bobby Flay (8.50%), Jamie Oliver (6.70%), and Wolfgang Puck (6.54%).

Fieri really does have many fans who look up to him. According to Grub Street, his fans are so enthusiastic that they actually make it a point to track down the places featured on his show, "Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives" and visit them with unmatched passion. Many restaurants that have made an appearance on the show experience a massive surge in business after Fieri pays them a visit — restaurateurs are even told to prepare for it.

A fan praised Guy Fieri on Reddit, writing that they love how he is as a celebrity chef. "...I find 80% of celebrity chefs and cooking shows to be so pretentious and up their own a**es and I think it is really refreshing how down to earth and normal he is," they said.