Twitter Is Divided Over This Weed-Laced Halloween Candy Claim

It seems like every year around Halloween time there is some new drama over people simply handing out candy, with claims it will be laced with drugs, needles, or something else that parents don't want their children consuming. While we probably don't need to point out that the ingredients in candy, particularly excess sugar, are already not the best for children, the persistent fear that someone is going to hand out drug- or weed-laced candy to children on Halloween comes up annually, despite little evidence that it's ever actually happened. 

This year's candy drama is stemming from a Tweet by WPVI news reporter @JaclynLeeTV, with the post showing a few pictures of normal-looking bags of candy and snacks that are, on closer inspection, actually cannabis-infused edibles. In the post, Lee writes, "BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, @BensalemPolice are warning parents to LOOK at your child's candy before they eat it. They confiscated these snacks that look a lot like the real thing. All are laced with THC."  

People seem to be torn about the claim and whether or not it brings up a real concern. While the image is from a police account, there isn't any evidence that these items were confiscated from people intending to hand them out on Halloween, or to children for that matter.

Would people really hand out cannabis-laced candy?

Rumors circulate every year about the dangers of people handing out weed-infused candy and snacks to unsuspecting children at Halloween, but we can't help but wonder if this claim has any backing to it, especially after reading some of the replies on Twitter. Twitter user @Oreocide responded, "You're telling me people are just GIVING AWAY this stuff that typically costs like $20+ per pack anyway? Nevermind the fact that no one in their right mind would be dumb enough to do that, but just in case I'll be out in full force checking houses that night just to be sure." And @sarahradz jokingly said, "I'm a mom, and I take my kids trick or treating every year, I have never ONCE gotten weed Cheetos. Can whoever is giving out weed Cheetos PLEASE dm me your address so I can stop by this year?"

This topic has also been covered by Mashed before, which goes over the reasons why kids most likely won't receive any candy with THC in it, among which include the fact that these products are expensive, and people who buy them are more likely to use the products themselves rather than giving them away. So long story short, it probably isn't an issue and tricks and treats will likely be their normal fare this year.