The Real Reason Five Guys' Mayo Tastes So Delicious

Five Guys is a go-to restaurant for many burger enthusiasts. In fact, someone wrote a love letter for the brand's burgers on Guilty Eats a few months ago, calling them "the best burgers you will ever taste." According to the writer, D. Goodman, one of the most attractive qualities about the chain's food is that its burgers are fresh. Also, the fact that customers have so many free toppings to choose from means that customizing is an easy feat to achieve at Five Guys.

Well, he's not alone. A Five Guys fan wrote on Reddit that the chain is pretty "solid," and its menu items don't "taste fake" in the least. If you love the chain, too, and have often ended up helping yourself to extra helpings of the mayonnaise at Five Guys, you'll be interested to know that the company puts a lot of thought into the condiment (via Taste of Home). It tastes so yummy for a reason. In fact, curious Redditors have even discussed theories on where the brand gets its mayo. It's a hot topic! 

It's a special condiment

Per the Taste of Home, Five Guys is really serious about the mayonnaise it serves. In fact, when the team was first trying out several varieties of the condiment, they tasted 16 different types to figure out which one was the best for Five Guys. After several discussions, they picked the flavor that they liked the most. According to Manchester Evening News, Five Guys eventually collaborated with Heinz for a mayo that is prepared exclusively for the chain.

The really good news? Five Guys stands by a simple rule that requires all its outlets to serve the same variety of mayo. They can't deviate from this rule, so you will always be treated to the exact taste no matter which Five Guys outlet you are dining at. This isn't something that's reserved for mayonnaise, and is meant for other ingredients as well. Reassuring news, huh?