The Menu Item Some Chick-Fil-A Customers Are Calling 'Inconsistent'

Chick-fil-A has garnered a reputation for serving up delicious, consistent meals. During the beginning of the pandemic, one reviewer even noted how the meals get delivered with ease, travel well, and any fan of the fast food eatery could find something to love in their fried chicken, per Thrillist. While the restaurant chain has kept fans happy, some of their products occasionally leave something to be desired. Over on Reddit, one user created a post about issues with inconsistent food quality. "So whenever I go to CFA, regardless of the location, I am always taking a gamble it seems on food quality, particularly with the chicken," they wrote. "The quality of the food is so unbelievably inconsistent in my experience. Is it normal for CFA to be such a gamble to eat at?"

Commenters had a ton of thoughts regarding the subject. "Yes absolutely," one user chimed in. "The CFA nearest to me always has the smallest sandwiches with like no breading. I drive an extra 20 min to get to the 'good' CFA." While another Redditor replied, "I can't tell you how many times I've thought this exact thought so I'm glad to see your post expressing the same thing. I eat at my local CFA 4-5 times a week and it's always a gamble for taste. Some sandwiches take good, some taste almost freezer burnt."

Chick-fil-A inconsistency that shouldn't happen

Despite ranking as a top fast food chain and drive-thru restaurant of the year, Chick-fil-A's chicken consistency issues have turned some heads, per Eat This, Not That!. One user in the Reddit thread stated, "This makes me wonder if they are stocking the chicken poorly. At my store, we stack the chicken up in these refrigerators to let it thaw. Then, you start on the row of chicken that's been on there the longest and go down so that you're always using the chicken that's been in the fridge the longest." They went on to say, "I noticed a lot of new guys I trained had trouble with this or got lazy with it, so that could be what you're tasting. Chicken goes bad in the fridge quickly, so even being in there a day longer could substantially hurt food quality."

While this issue can easily throw off the day of anyone looking to enjoy some classic fried chicken, not everyone experienced this setback. One user countered with, "I visit many CFA's across all of Atlanta for my job and all of them were good imo. I think you're very unlucky." Keep your fingers crossed that this issue doesn't hit your area and if you have already noticed your chicken getting inconsistent, it might be time to take a road trip and hit up some different Chick-fil-A locations.