McDonald's Disappoints Fans With Its Much-Hyped Big Announcement

When McDonald's casually tweeted out "turn on ur notifications for the most important announcement tmrw," fans of the fast-food chain were understandably excited. Some speculated they'd be adding a new menu item, while others hoped it would be something as major as accepting dogecoin as an alternative payment option. But much to the disappointment of McDonald's loyalists, the "important announcement" that the restaurant had garnered so much hype turned out to be that the McRib was making its annual return on November 1. 

Judging by Twitter's reactions, McDonald's follow-up McRib tweet, which simply stated, "i think it's time to bring the McRib back 11.1," was just as underwhelming as the news itself. "That's it, I'm turning notifications off, you've disappointed me beyond measure," one user wrote. Another added, "You wouldn't have to "bring it back" if you didn't stop selling it — the hype is nonexistent now, there is no reason to continue this." Other users commented that they've decided to unfollow the McDonald's Twitter account for good. All of the disdain for the McRib has some wondering if the once-beloved sandwich is losing its charm.

Is the McRib losing its appeal?

According to People, The McRib has been around since 1981. However, it was only the summer of 1994, when the sandwich moved from the permanent menu and became a limited edition, that customers actually started paying attention to it. Over the years, it has become a beloved menu item. This year, which happens to be the McRib's 40th anniversary, fans aren't as excited as they were before. Perhaps they were expecting much more hoopla to commemorate McDonald's 40 years of selling McRibs, but more than likely it has to do with the fact that McDonald's secret McRib recipe was recently revealed. 

During McRib season last year, a handful of videos posted by McDonald's employees went viral on the social media platform TikTok. The videos showcased the ingredients of the sandwich, none of which contain any rib meat whatsoever. As evidenced by the videos, and confirmed by Chicago Magazine, the McRib is actually just a rib-shaped patty made from restructured pork products. Of course, McDonald's isn't exactly known for fresh ingredients, but clearly fans have decided that McRib meat is just about as special as the McNugget meat.