The Sweet Treat Cocktail That Starts With A Can Of Root Beer

Whether you like sweet cocktails all year round or you are simply tired of pairing your favorite chocolates with wine or beer, there's a new sweet cocktail that's the best of both worlds. While some resources like Wine Folly and even some retailers such as Wisconsin Cheeseman make sense out of pairing chocolate and wine, there's one cocktail that is simply putting the two together.

Feast and West, a blog about mixology and drinks, created the Tootsie Roll cocktail. Though the drink is jet black and spooky enough to sip on Halloween night, it's also the perfect combination of booze and candy for any occasion that calls for such a sweet treat. Although the best part of all might be that the drink only calls for two simple ingredients, with root beer being one of them. The only other ingredient is Kahlua, which most home bartenders and cocktail makers likely already have on hand.

This is how you make the Tootsie Roll cocktail

Feast and West claims that the drink tastes exactly like a Tootsie Roll, but trying it yourself might be the only way to really know. To make the drink, all you need to do is fill a pint glass with ice, add two fingers of Kahlua, then fill the rest with root beer. It's as easy as that. If you prefer to skip the ice or like the look of the dark drink without the ice, you might want to pre-chill the glass and the root beer.

If you are not typically a Kahlua drinker, but absolutely love all things root beer or classic candy such as the Tootsie Roll, then it could still be well worth picking up a bottle of the smooth and creamy liqueur. As the months get cooler, Kahlua is always a welcome addition to coffee. Not to mention, you could also use it in your baking (via Parade).

So pick up these two ingredients and give the unusual cocktail recipe a try.