The Massive Amount Of Walnuts A Squirrel Hid In One Man's Truck

Many people learn that squirrels bury nuts in order to create stashes of food to help them through the winter, but you may not realize that the squirrels don't randomly choose the nut storage spots, per Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The creatures have methodically selected a safe location that they can remember and return to anytime they crave a meal during winter. On paper, this trait seems like the perfect survival instinct, but not every squirrel makes the right decisions. According to The Washington Post, one red squirrel in Fargo, North Dakota has selected one of the worst nut-hiding spots around — inside a truck.

Every two years, Bill Fischer, a resident of Fargo finds his truck's bumper, fenders, and hood packed to the brim with walnuts. The same truck owner has a neighbor with a walnut tree that produces said nut every two years, and one ingenious red squirrel has found a way to strip the tree and hide every nut in sight in the same truck. This pattern started back in 2013, and despite the fact that Fischer owns multiple cars parked next to each other, the squirrel always chooses his Chevrolet Avalanche as a nut stash. After going through this pattern for almost a decade, he finally came up with a clean-up plan.

There were 42 gallons of walnuts

According to The Washington Post, Fischer typically waits until walnuts start falling out of the bottom of his truck or until the last few days of fall to clean out the inside of his truck. He usually pulls out four or five buckets of nuts from his truck over the course of the season, but this year, the squirrel set a new personal record and filled up the truck with seven buckets of walnuts, totaling 42 gallons. The truck owner even had to remove the fenders and bumper of his car in order to get every last nut.

The offending squirrel has a habit of watching the resident unload the precariously-stashed nuts from the vehicle. "The squirrel will sit in the tree and watch me clean up the walnuts almost like: 'That's mine, buddy,' as he's watching me clean up his winter storage," Fischer told The Washington Post. The truck owner has no plans to return the massive nut haul to the squirrel either. He jokingly posted a few pictures of the cleanup effort on Facebook alongside the caption: "Hey, come and get your all natural Black Walnuts! 42 gallons available. Naturally grown and now industry 1st, all hand (paw) picked by a squirrel, Red Squirrel to be exact. Hurry as these may have a limited availability as l hear that the hard working furry tree dweller might be retiring soon due to health reasons!" With any luck, this squirrel can break its personal nut-storage record in two years and keep one particular resident of Fargo on his toes.