How Reddit Really Feels About Costco's $100 Ham

Fans of fancy charcuterie boards or expensive cured pork might be used to going to specialty shops or butchers to get the high-quality meat they want. Meat snobs might not even believe that their local grocery stores carry the types of cuts they are looking for, but they may be surprised to learn that if they aren't shopping at Costco, they could be missing out on not only high-quality, but extremely affordable, ham.

Since 2019, the wholesale superstore has been selling whole, fully cooked, bone-in cured Noel Serrano Ham that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest meat eater, for under half the price it can be found on Amazon or at other retailers (via SFGate). Unlike an ordinary grocery store ham, this is no ordinary meat. Made from dry-cured Spanish Serrano ham and Mediterranean Sea Salt, Costco's Noel Serrano Ham boasts 14.3 pounds of savory authentic jamón, according to Costco Fan.

It even comes ready to slice and serve with its own wooden stand and carving knife. And while it might be pricey at $99.99, the general consensus on Reddit seemed to be that the ham was more than worth it.

Redditors rave about this authentic Spanish ham

One Reddit user, Blasterion, recently made a post titled "I bought the 100 dollar ham. I'll let y'all know how it goes" to announce their purchase of Costco's speciality Serrano Ham. Based on other users' responses, they are in for a treat. "Enjoy. They're really good. Read up on proper stewardship of jamón and it will be a better time," replied u/ItsaV4. "The ham is amazing. I eat it with cheese. The most interesting tip I heard was to let it air out for a few minutes after slicing but before consuming," another user agreed.

However, at over 14 pounds, purchasing this meat is quite a commitment. It can serve 15 to 20 people easily, likely with some  leftover. But even if you are not planning on hosting a giant gathering, there are still plenty of ways to make the most out of this expensive meat. "Do not discard!!! Freeze that precious substance and make it into stock with your meat and veggie scraps," u/CowboyJoker90 advised. Others suggested coming up with creative ways of sharing the leftover ham with friends and family, like u/tweedleedeedee, who shared, "Someone in my neighborhood bought one, then posted it in our local Buy Nothing group offering slices to anyone who wanted!"

So if you've been wanting to try out Costco's fancy Spanish ham, but the high price has made you a little wary, now might be the perfect time to give it a try. If Reddit is to be believed, you certainly won't be disappointed.