TikTok Is Stunned By This Massive Lobster Claw

Lobster is known as a delicacy enjoyed in fine dining restaurants across the world. A lobster roll can retail for up to $49 from certain vendors in Boston. Still, there is something about the elegance and class of the crustacean that makes it so widely ordered at steakhouses and seafood restaurants.

So, when TikTok user, Closetfoodie_lv posted a video of a giant lobster claw being taken out of its shell, naturally, the internet went wild. One user on the app, Amy Rendleman, commented on the post, "Show the lobster you took it from – must have been a monster," and 470 users liked this comment in agreement. Other TikTokers were concerned about the ethics of harvesting that lobster. 

Furthermore, they noted that the individual might have been incredibly old, as indicated by its size. "That lobster should have been put back into the ocean to be this big it's at least 100 years old," user MgPatisserieandCafe wrote.

Where to find this gigantic lobster

Although some found the video to be ethically wrong, Business Insider actually states that lobsters lack the complex brain function to detect pain when being boiled alive, which is how they are usually killed.

Nonetheless, the TikTok video still received a handful of negative comments regarding the lobster, even though it wasn't even posted to the account of the restaurant that served this dish. The restaurant, Angry Crab Shack, is based in Henderson, Nevada. It has its own TikTok account, AngryCrabShackHenderson, which has over 30,000 followers and 150,000 likes. The account frequently posts its other dishes for its followers to see, along with other videos of massive lobster claws like this one

As heated people get over these giant lobsters, you have to admit that you've likely never seen a lobster that big. And name a more fitting TikTok audio for this video than Toy Story 3's "The Claw." You simply can't.