Twitter Is Losing It Over Wendy's Savage McDonald's Troll

Before 2009, Wendy's fans probably didn't know that the burger chain had a sassy side. But ever since the brand launched its own Twitter account, Wendy's has been delighting fans with deadpan humor, sharp comebacks, and even playful trolling of its competition. They've been known to poke fun at rival fast foods chains, with McDonald's being an obvious favorite target. This week, Wendy's was at it again, ribbing its famous competitor with a response to one of their own seemingly innocent tweets.

"if u were the person who ran the McDonald's account for a day, what would u tweet," McDonald's Tweeted out to its followers, probably seeking to boost audience engagement and possibly even looking for ideas. While some humorous replies seemed par for the course — this is the internet, after all — the chain known for its golden arches might not have expected its rival burger chain Wendy's to troll them in response. But that's exactly what the famously cheeky redhead did.

Wendy's teased McDonald's about its broken ice cream machines

"Where the things that should be fresh are frozen, and the things that should be frozen are out of order," @Wendys tweeted back. The dig, which was an obvious reference to the rumor that McDonald's ice cream machines are always out of order, immediately got a reaction from followers, many of whom love the brand's flippant style of humor online. "I have never seen the Frostee machine down, just sayin," @dougstafford replied. "You roasted them harder than their frozen patties," @AmazeAyden joked.

McDonald's has yet to retweet a response, which is no real surprise. The chain has a tendency not to engage with online trolling, even when called out directly by name, which Wendy's did last year. In early 2020, as part of a stunt to promote their new breakfast menu, Wendy's tweeted out "Hey @McDonalds, roast us," but received only silence in return (via PR Week). But considering Wendy's long history of roasting fellow chains on Twitter, this is likely not the last sassy Tweet we'll see from the Frosty purveyor.