Reddit Is Loving This 'Astronaut' Boiled Egg

For such an eggs-quisitely simple form of sustenance, and one which humans have been cracking open and using in cooking for, quite possibly, as long as humans have been in possession of both fire and chickens, eggs seem to cause an eggs-traordinary amount of confusion. How else to explain how it is that in 2021, our ears still perk up when we hear that Martha Stewart has revealed "the" secret ingredient you need to put in your scrambled eggs? Or that at this stage in the ongoing rise of modern civilization, there is still a question as to the proper way to boil an egg? And yet, if you were to Google that very question, your curiosity would be met with roughly 136 million search results in under just a single second (via Google). And not all of them would be the same; to the contrary, the topic of eggs and how to cook them tends to provoke strong emotional responses, some going all the way back to childhood. 

Perhaps that might help explain why Reddit is loving a video showing off a boiled egg that somehow ended up looking like the MTV Moon Man. With an egg yolk face, an egg white spacesuit, and an adorable "hand" raised as if to say, "Greetings, Earthlings." The video depicting this adorable little space eggs-plorer was posted today by a member of the Reddit community devoted to all things "oddly satisfying" (via Reddit). It appears the clip was originally posted to TikTok by user @mrs_a_2012, who describes the boiled egg as their own.

It's an Eggstronaut

On October 5, 2021, Reddit user, Pazluz, started a new topic on the "oddly satisfying" subreddit community. "This boiled egg ... came out looking like an astronaut waving their arm," posted Pazluz, along with a video showing, well, precisely that. In other words, the photo depicts a brown-shelled chicken egg that had, apparently, in the midst of being boiled, somehow exploded in such a way that the innards came out to resemble a tiny little astronaut with a yellow face and a white spacesuit. 

"That went over easy," wrote one Redditor of the resulting "eggstronaut," as one Redditor quickly referred to it. "This is eggistential," wrote another. Indeed, the boiled egg astronaut appeared to be eggs-actly what the "oddly satisfying" community was looking for. In the first 11 hours since Pazluz took to Reddit with their "eggistential" posting, the post has received 74,100 votes and over 1,000 comments (via Reddit). While many of those comments are oddly satisfying in and of themselves, our favorite just might be the one by the Redditor who goes by the likely ironic handle, Sorry Nothing Clever. "If he swings by the moon to pick up some Swiss cheese, we're well on our way to a half-decent breakfast sandwich," the post stated.