The 3 Things Anne Burrell Can't Cook In Her Kitchen Without

Celebrity chef Anne Burrell is just like the rest of us: She started somewhere and got better at cooking with more practice. She told Popsugar that she found herself in the kitchen as a child, working on new recipes and learning from the mistakes she made. She even gave examples, and said, "not reading recipes; just getting really excited reading down the list of ingredients and dumping everything in all together, then [realizing] oh, I wasn't supposed to do that."

She also said that for those who wish to chase a career in the culinary field, it's important to accept that you'll have to work really hard. If you're a home cook and still figuring out how to take things further, it's important to focus on the most basic stuff such as thoroughly studying recipes, making sure that you've bought the ingredients that you need, and allowing yourself to have fun.

As far as home cooking is concerned, Burrell has some essential pantry items that she stores in her kitchen to make her job easier. They're fairly accessible ingredients, by the way.

These are important ingredients

Anne Burrell basically has three items that she always keep in her kitchen, per Restaurant Hospitality. "Salt, olive oil and bacon. This is the holy trinity in my kitchen," she said. "All three ingredients are the bases of so many of my dishes."  That's good advice: All three ingredients can easily add flavor to many dishes without much effort, right?

She's old school in some ways and likes basic tools such as a food mill and wooden spoons. There's no fancy technology involved here, and it's up to the cook to use these tools according to their preferences. Plus, they're good for cooks at all levels, as Burrell pointed out. "There's nothing to turn on. It's all about what you, as a cook, do with them," she explained.

Also, here's something interesting: Anne Burrell doesn't hesitate to use her own cookbooks for reference when she's making something. Hey, good recipes with clear instructions can help everyone, right?